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Here are the Puffin Billy Coils. These are made entirely of Kanthal A1 Wire so anyone who has an allergy to Nickel these coils will serve you well. 

Puffin Billy 26

Core: 3 * 26g  Kanthal KA1

Fuse: 36g KA1 Alien wrap 

Wraps: 5

ID: 3mm

Resistance: Approx Single Coil 0.29 Ohms per coil

                                  Double Coils 0.14 Ohm per set

Puffin Billy 28 (Series Coil)

These Puffin Billy 28 Coils were designed with series vaping in mind. They will perform extremely well In any series device as well as give you great performance if you just want a higher resistance in your atty.  They are also suitable for people who have an allergy to nickel as Kanthal is nickel free.

Core: 3* 28g Ni80

Fuse: 36g Alien Wrap

Wraps: 7

ID: 3mm

Resistance: approx  Single Coil : 0.5.8- 0.6 Ohm per coil

                     approx  Double Coil: 0.3 Ohm Per set