Infinite Modz Hyperion Mech Flips.

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This mech has a different size on each end of it. One side it is 28mm turn it around and it becomes a 25mm size. These Mechs are all made in Mexico, Check out the Vaping Bogans Opinion on these on his you tube page. We also have the Stacked piece but only 1 atm, the quicker I manage to sell these the quicker I can place another order. *Note: I am not stocking the green sleeved mech I am only showing you the stacked piece on this*


This product will be express posted so you should have it the next day unless you are in a rural area which will then mean you get it between 1-3 days. Nothing better than getting VAPE MAIL, Dont forget to get yourself some new batteries, a Infinite Luna RDA or an RTA and  Cotton. We have Cloud 9 Cotton and KGB Kotton. 

With your purchase of this device type in cotton at the checkout and choose either Cloud 9 Cotton or KGB Kotton and it will be sent to you together

While you are at it do yourself a favour and get some new coils from Mysticoils.


Serial Number : F09, F10