Infinite Modz Hyperion Mech Flips.

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This mech has a different size on each end of it. One side it is 28mm turn it around and it becomes a 25mm size. These Mechs are all made in Mexico, Check out the Vaping Bogans Opinion on these on his you tube page. We also have the Stacked piece but only 1 atm, the quicker I manage to sell these the quicker I can place another order. *Note: I am not stocking the green sleeved mech I am only showing you the stacked piece on this*


This product will be express posted so you should have it the next day unless you are in a rural area which will then mean you get it between 1-3 days. Nothing better than getting VAPE MAIL, Dont forget to get yourself some new batteries, a Infinite Luna RDA can and  Cotton. We have Cloud 9 Cotton and KGB Kotton. 

With your purchase of this device type in cotton at the checkout and choose either Cloud 9 Cotton or KGB Kotton and it will be sent to you together

While you are at it do yourself a favour and get some new coils from Mysticoils.


Serial Number : F09, F10


Hellacloudz can not will not be held responsible for improper usage of these mech modz. Please have proper understanding of the Ohms laws to keep your self safe using these debices!!