How much can I save from switching to Vaping from Ciggarettes

What could I save from switching to Vaping?

 For an up to date calculator go to this will not only tell you weekly but monthly and even yearly

Please note this is ever changing the costs of cigs keep going up while the costs of vapes stay around the same place. 

The cost of ciggies keeps going up, this is a fact.

Our awesome, every changing government will continue to do so in the misguided belief that by making it unaffordable, people will quit; the truth is probably a little more grey than that!

What if I said you could still get your niccotine hit, for a fraction of the cost? Let's look at what a cheap pack of ciggies cost these days ..

Price Check on Pall Mall 20's - $19.50.

Let's assume an average smoker burns through 10 sticks a day, that pack will last 2 days or they will go through on average 3 packs a week at a cost of $58.50 per week. Over a month that comes to $234.00

A decent vape kit, with spare coils for a month will set you back around $100.00 - this is a one off investment and the only ongoing cost after that are coils, which average around $20 a pack of 5 and depending on juice being vaped and can last from 3 days to 3-4 weeks.

On average, a sub-ohm vaper will vape through 10ml a day, a Mouth to Lunger may vape through 2-3ml per day.

30ml of juice will set you back $8.50, depending on your usage, this will last you between 3 and 10 days. So even if you vaped at 10ml per day, that 30ml would last you 3 days, so you'd be spending approximately $17.50 a week on liquid, or buying in a bigger bottle will reduce that cost further.

A 250ml bottle of 100mgl nic, imported from overseas will set you back around $60. If stored correctly this will last most people a few months or more.

Let's break this down into first month costs and then second month costs:

Month 1:

Vape kit  $100 with spare coils

Juice for a month (250ml bottle) $46.00

Nic $60.00

Total: $206.00

Saving based on above Smoker: $28.00

Month 2:

Juice for a month (250ml bottle) $46.00

Coils $20.00

Total: $66.00

Saving based on above smoker: $168.00

Now, if you're a heavy smoker, just think of the money you could save every week; I've spoken to some smokers who burn through $300 a week on ciggies, thats insane!! They could make the switch to vaping and potentially get back $200+ a week

If you need help and direction, drop me an email, only too happy to discuss what may and may not work for you and to help dispel some of the crap going around about vaping.

Vape on!

Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin and Vaping

Anyone that’s been vaping for awhile now or those that like to actually research what’s potentially in the liquids they vape, probably has come across these chemicals in the searches.

There are conflicting opinions on the risk of vaping juices with these chemicals. Mainly around the fact cigarettes contained Diacetyl in larger concentrations compared to vape liquid therefore, vaping is perceived as a lesser risk when compared to smoking.

Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions on whether or not you want to vape juices that may or may not contain these chemicals. 

For more reading, please google or follow these links:

What are the parts of a personal vaporiser?

  1. A power source (usually a rechargeable battery or a cable that draws power from a USB port)
  2. An atomizer or coil head (the part containing the heating element and wick)
  3. A cartridge or tank (the part containing the e-liquid)

Note: Some e-cigs combine the atomizer and cartridge into one piece. These are generally referred to as “cartomizers”.

The modern version of a Vaporizer is shown below, where a replaceable coil is fitted in a Tank. The tank feeds juice to the coil and creates the vapour. The Mod contains the battery or batteries and usually a display screen to show you information, such as wattage (power) used, resistance of the coil fitted, battery power level and other info (some useless). Batteries can be built into the Mod, or replaceable. Check if you need to order batteries with your choice of vaporizer. It is always recommended that if your mod uses replaceable battery cells that you also use an external battery charger to recharge the batteries to keep the cells at optimal charge levels and balance. The onboard USB slot is mainly used for firmware updates on the Mod chipset. At a pinch, you can recharge from the USB slot, but always check the instructions for proper use.