About Us

Hellacloudz.com.au is a start-up business in today’s cut throat market. We have started this business to get our clients the products they desire and are passionate about Vaping, because I am passionate about Vaping. I have a strong desire to grow this online business into a thriving brick and mortar shop, but in the meantime, I want to grow with my clients into providing you with the stock that you want, you need.  

Here in Australia, I am not allowed to tell you that this is a stop smoking device, but surely I can tell you my personal experience. I have gone from someone who started smoking really young. And never really had an intention to give up until the govt finally broke me I used to smoke white ox, 25mg pouches, and In one flick of a pen they went from $48 to nearly $60, wellbeing on the newstart allowance it didn’t allow me to buy enough to make it through, so after back and forwarding I walked into my first vape shop and asked the guy a 1001 questions. He was patient and understanding and helped me pick up my first vape. Since then and especially about a week later when I got my first delivery from Mixologyvape.co.nz I have never looked back. That is just my personal experience and I can’t promise that it will happen to you but I pray it does. Look through my site purchase some products then go to mixology.co.nz and get your nicotine and im confident you won’t look back. Like I said I didn’t. Until Oct 1st, 2021 we cannot purchase nicotine here in Aust but after that all we will need is a prescription and we can walk out of a chemist with the thing I believe will be a massive step forward, no more cigarette smelling breath or clothes. Personally, I find it easier to breath and am not getting puffed walking. I can’t legally say it is due to vaping, but I don’t know how else I could have possibly pulled this off.

Now my attention has turned to the general public and getting as much goods as possible to sell to people to help them enjoy puffing on their mod/pod whichever you prefer to get the same satisfaction that I do.

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