Mech Mods

Big news for Hellacloudz customers is that a shipment of Infinite Modz has arrived! Mexican Made through and through! Side Fire Mech Modz that hit like a train! With a purchase of any mech from Infinite I will throw in a tin of Cloud 9 Cotton or KGB Kotton your choice.  As you can see I have also received my RCM mechs which are really awesome mechs. the Machining on them is flawless, Between the infinite and the RCM mechs I am really happy with the quality of mechs I have at the moment! Until I can afford to resupply and find new mechs out there 

Just enter Cotton into the discount line at the checkout. And make your selection there. Choose one please.  

Please Note: Do not buy these devices as your first vape. Unless you have a full understanding of ohms laws and understand battery safety these items are not for you at all.