Personal Vaporiser Parts

What are the parts of a personal vaporiser?

  1. A power source (usually a rechargeable battery or a cable that draws power from a USB port)
  2. An atomizer or coil head (the part containing the heating element and wick)
  3. A cartridge or tank (the part containing the e-liquid)

Note: Some e-cigs combine the atomizer and cartridge into one piece. These are generally referred to as “cartomizers”.

The modern version of a Vaporizer is shown below, where a replaceable coil is fitted in a Tank. The tank feeds juice to the coil and creates the vapour. The Mod contains the battery or batteries and usually a display screen to show you information, such as wattage (power) used, resistance of the coil fitted, battery power level and other info (some useless). Batteries can be built into the Mod, or replaceable. Check if you need to order batteries with your choice of vaporizer. It is always recommended that if your mod uses replaceable battery cells that you also use an external battery charger to recharge the batteries to keep the cells at optimal charge levels and balance. The onboard USB slot is mainly used for firmware updates on the Mod chipset. At a pinch, you can recharge from the USB slot, but always check the instructions for proper use.

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